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Override, surcharge and restrict live rates to meet your business needs
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Shipping Override is a powerful solution that enables you to adapt your standard Magento shipping rates to meet your business needs. With Shipping Override you can set special shipping charges for certain products, surcharge your live shipping rates, or restrict shipping options based on destination, weight, product, cart subtotal or customer group.Shipping Override

The ability to override live shipping rates from many carriers – including FedEx, UPS and USPS – makes this extension particularly well-suited to the US market.

Please note: Shipping Override does not create its own shipping rates. For this we recommend our Product Matrix extension.


• Exclude shipping options and rates for certain destinations, weights, products (or groups of products), subtotals and customer groups (e.g. wholesalers)

• Apply standard table rates to some products and live courier rates to others

• Add a shipping surcharge in certain situations

• Calculate shipping based on percentage of cart or shipping value

• Compatible with all shipping carriers, including FedEx, UPS and USPS live rates

• Manage using a CSV file for fast creation and modification of shipping rules

• Seamless customer experience – displays altered rates as standard

• Excellent documentation and practical examples

• One of our bestselling Magento extensions – particularly suited to the US market

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