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Multi-Warehouse Magento Extension

Behind every online store dealing with physical items, there is the order fulfillment part. It often demands complex logistics, and the Magento platform itself does not have an extensive toolset for managing it.

The Multi-Warehouse Management extension fills that gap. By introducing the warehouses entity to Magento, the extension delivers 2 major improvements.

Get more accurate shipping costs calculations.

The extension automatically calculates the shipping costs for each of the ordered items, depending on its actual location. These values are then summed up and presented to customer as a single figure.

Compared to the native Magento behavior, where there is a single shipping origin across the storeview, such method results in:

  • Lower shipping expenses for a customer;
  • Faster items delivery.

Simplify order processing.

In case of a multi-product order with different items origin, the extension will automatically split the items into several shipment instances, distributed between the correspondent warehouses. Thus, it minimizes the chance of a human error and saves your team some effort on the stage of actually sending an item to the customer.


  • Introduces warehouse management;
  • Allows assigning products to different warehouses;
  • Allows specifying a default warehouse to unassigned products;
  • Automatically calculates shipping depending on item location;
  • Automatically splits products into several shipments.

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