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Multishipping Magento Extension

Magento’s native multi-shipping functionality is powerful in itself, but there is always room for improvement. The extension appends a little convenience for both front- and backend users, that translates into saved hours, smoother shopping and better order fulfillment.

The main improvement introduced by the extension is the ability for store admin to place multiple orders with different shipping details in one go.

Let’s face it – standard Magento workflow for placing multiple orders with different delivery options is tiresome. An admin has to create a whole new order, alpha-to-omega, for every delivery instance, even if all these orders come from the same customer. The extension rectifies it: the admin only has to select the customer and the billing details once, and then put together every delivery case – all in one go. Then, just 1 mouse click will generate the required number of orders.

Another important addition is the Shipping Date selector for orders. This seemingly minor features gives unexpected flexibility to both customers and the store staff. Moreover, to ease the order fulfillment, the extension can be configured to automatically prohibit shipping and / or put the entire order on hold until the designated shipment date is reached.


  • Place Multi-shipping orders from the backend.
  • Prevent frontend multishipping page from losing client data if they leave the checkout page.
  • Adds Shipping Date selector to both front- and backend.
  • Adds Shipping Date column to backend Orders grid.
  • Adds Shipping Date value in the order overview (for both backend and frontend).
  • Optional automatic order hold until the specified Shipping Date is reached.
  • Optional automatic disabling the Shipping option until the selected date arrives.
  • Convenient calendar-type shipping date selector.

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