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Product MatrixThe Webshopapps Product Matrix shipping extension provides a shipping calculation solution for Magento websites, allowing shipping rates to be calculated using the following criteria:

  • Destination
  • Shipping Product Group (can be individual products or a set of products)
  • Customer Group
  • Weight
  • Price
  • #Items of each Product Group in cart

This extension is based on the Webshopapps Matrixrate solution, so all capabilities within that extension are covered within ProductMatrix, including the ability to display multiple shipping rate options.


Our Product Matrix shipping extension gives you the maximum flexibility to make your shipping rates work for your business. Product Matrix enables you to define your rates according to any combination of destination, product, price, quantity, weight and customer group rules.

You can also create ‘shipping groups’ to categorize your products and define shipping rates. For example, you could assign one rate for books, another for CDs and yet another for DVDs.

Keep things simple, or customize your shipping rates right down to the individual product level. With Product Matrix you can tailor your shipping rules to suit your unique product set and customer base.

This is our most popular custom rates extension – used in Magento stores worldwide.


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