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Before holding any events such as conferences, courses, trainings, etc., make sure that your Magento store provides powerful and wonderful easy-to-use event & ticket management system.

Learn New Features

The Event Tickets extension allows you to create events and sell tickets of different types for them. For example, you can sell 10 VIP tickets (value $300) and 30 Classic tickets (value $100) for a seminar.

We have just updated the module to version 1.1. Now you can send printable tickets to event attendees, scan QR code using any mobile devices to redeem a ticket, and much more.

New Features:

· Printable PDF Tickets
· Tickets redeeming system
· QR code support
· Tickets in My Account area
· Define start/end of events
· Describe event location
· “Event Tickets” menu
· Default confirmation/reminder email templates
· HTML support in instant messages

Go to the Event Tickets page to view full description with screenshots and demo.

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