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GeoIP Redirect Magento Extension

Automatically identifies the user’s location by their IP and redirects to the correspondent destination.

One of the proven ways for an international business to expand the customer base and improve the store effectiveness is to create special content for every region it operates in. This also implies having some tool to ensure the proper content delivery, and the GeoIP Redirect extension is exactly this kind of tool.

The main goal of the extension is to display the relevant content depending on customer’s location or country of origin. The module automatically identifies a visitor’s location by their IP (via MaxMind Lookup table*), and presents the appropriate content designated for this country.

To guide your clients to the relevant information, ease exploring the catalog and simplify ordering, the extension offers the following options:

  • Define a set of countries for each of the Storeviews.
    Any visitor accessing your store from the listed locations will be brought to the correspondent Storeview.
  • Define the default currency for each country.
    The currency will be automatically switched for visitors from the specified country.
  • Define redirect to a special URL (e.g., a CMS static page) for select countries.
    Visitors will be redirected to special info pages specific to their countries.

This is complemented with the flexible Restrictions settings (of either Whitelist or Blacklist type) that allow preventing redirects for certain store areas and excluding specific users agents (e.g., search engine crawler bots) from processing.

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