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Magento Extension for Dimensional Shipping 

Get shipping rates based on Dimensions and Smart product packing for live rates from FedEx, UPS & USPS.

Extension Details

Do you want accurate live shipping rates in Magento based on how you actually pack your products, not just the weight of the cart?

Our Dimensional Shipping extension is an intelligent solution to this problem for FedEx, UPS and USPS users. It lets you define the dimensions of your products, the dimensions of your boxes and rules for how you package different combinations of products together.

NEW: Now supports best-fit algorithm where you can just specify product dimensions and select boxes each product fits into then let Dimensional Shipping calculate the best way to pack. Supports uploading dimensions and box options using standard product import. Please email or call us for further information if unsure on how this works.

When a customer checks out, Dimensional Shipping works out how the products will be packed based on your rules and calculates the dimensional weight value of the package(s), as well as the actual weight. By sending both values, you give your shipping carrier a better idea of the dimensions and weight of your shipment. In return you receive more accurate live rates for your store.

Please note: This extension is only compatible with UPS, FedEx, and USPS, plus some Freight Carriers – contact us if unsure of compatibility


• Smart product packing – works out how products will be grouped and calculates dimensional weight

• Compatible with FedEx, UPS and USPS live rates, including international

• Define dimensions for each of your products

• Define how different combinations of products are packaged together

• Specify the dimensions of each of your boxes

• Assign products to certain boxes (multiple products can be assigned to the same box)

• Option to pack products separately or combine in the same box

• Supports multiple boxes for the same product

• Supports showing time in transit for FedEx shipping e.g. Ground (1 Day)

• Option to send declared value to carrier to calculate shipping insurance

• Support for an additional packaging weight

• Supports all product types incl Configurable, Bundle with ability to set dimensions at either child or parent level



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