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10% Discount on Store Manager for Magento Professional Edition

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Professional Edition, Primary License


Store Manager for Magento is a Windows application to quickly and effectively manage your Magento online store. We made Magento store management very easy and quick.

Store Manager for Magento Community & Professional Edition Key Features

  • Supports latest versions of Magento
  • Add, delete, modify, clone, copy products, categories, manufacturers, attributes
  • Import products, categories, attributes from Excel/.csv to Magento Cart within seconds, advanced Magento Cart import wizards available
  • Export products, categories, attributes to Excel/.csv from Magento Cart, advanced Magento Cart product export wizards available
  • Product copy/paste feature – easy move products through clipboard between categories and stores!
  • Easy product navigation, quick search, advanced filters, views
  • Ultimate attribute management – attributes, attribute sets, attribute groups – everything in one window, handy and effective
  • Image management (requires properly configured FTP)
  • Instant changes – in case of direct connection all changes you made applied to your store immediately, no synchronization, no delayed updates
  • Multilanguage, you can manage all languages (Store Views) in your online store
  • Customer Management
  • Basic Order Management
  • Powerful Custom SQL tool for advanced technical people
  • Custom Reports – just retrieve whatever you want from your store in the form you want
  • Native Windows application. Just the program, no server side scripts, no additional modules. Run the program, specify connection settings and voila – it works!
  • User friendly interface
  • Customizable reports – reports can be edited with Report Tool, modified or translated to another language
  • SSH support – for secure connections
  • Simple and quick installation. Just run installer and click Next several timer, no unintelligible options and parameters, no stupid questions
  • Supports latest MySQL versions including MySQL 5
  • MySQL compressed protocol support for better speed
  • Direct connection to the MySQL database (no additional php modules or server changes needed)
  • PHP-MySQL bridge connection – an alternative way to connect in case if direct connection is not possible
  • Multiple stores management. Store your configuration data and quickly switch between stores
  • Database backup/restore – keep your data safe, always
  • Store configuration – edit all store settings in one window. Should be used by advanced users who really know what they doing
  • Encrypted passwords for increased security

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