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Magento Dropship Extension

Webshopapps Dropship extension makes shipping products from multiple locations simple. Using Dropship store owner can create warehouses in Magento and assign each of your products to the warehouse it ships from in the product listing. This means if your warehouses changes in the future, you only need to update the information once in the warehouse listing, not for each product.

You can configure the extension to automatically email each warehouse with order details to reduce your workload. And it works well with many of our other extensions to create a superior shipping solution.

With Dropship you have the option to allow your customers to select shipping rates on a per warehouse basis at checkout. Or you can combine shipping from the individual warehouses to create a single set of shipping rates and simplify the checkout process.


This upgrade enhances Dropship to support multiple warehouses supplying the same product. It works out, per product, which warehouse is closest to the customer and automatically selects that warehouse to supply the product.

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